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About us

Mona Leone and Chris Sandford

Both living in Glasgow,, Mona Leone specialized in languages working for Outback barbecues as their language coordinator (German, Italian, French, Spanish, English). Translating barbecue business introduced Mona to the plancha way of cooking and since she has developed this market throughout the German speaking countries: publishing a book about plancha cooking (ISBN 978-3-9815140-4-9), owner of the only specialized plancha website with online shop, appearance on national TV (ZDF: http://www.zdf.de/ZDFmediathek/beitrag/video/1900144/ 30:41 - 33:47, or cut: http://outbackasia.com/plancha-mona-zdf/), giving plancha cooking classes, being quoted and interviewed for anything to do with plancha has made Mona an acknowledged expert quoted in many publications (specialized barbecue magazine, Grillmagazin 01/2013, Chamber of Commerce and Industry, IHK, .or the Irish ‘Flavour’, magazine 08/2013, Leinster Leader and others).

Partner in crime Chris Sandford has lived in Ireland for the past 19 years, originally from Scotland. A professional chef for the past 30 years, he has many accolades to his name, e.g. World Association of Chefs’ Society judge, international Gold Medallist, past culinary  team manager of Ireland, honorary member of Northern Ireland Chefs’ Organization to name but a few. Chris is also a food journalist for several newspapers and magazines and Chef Presenter for Sunshine Radio, Ireland, as well as being a Chef for TV, City Channel, Ireland.

Plancha is a totally unique way of cooking to Chris and he finds it extremely invigorating. Cooking food at such high temperatures pushes the proteins to the max releasing an untapped flavour that is so evident once you have tasted plancha at this level. Additionally, cooking with substantially less oils, butters, and other fats intensifies the taste of the food prepared ‘a la plancha’. As for any professional chef intensifying the flavours is the main objective in cooking, which is why Chris now finds himself using plancha on a daily basis in most of his food activities with plans to set up a plancha restaurant.

Mona Leone is Germany's No. 1 plancha expert, owner of a German plancha business since 2008, sole distributor / agent for the Spanish brand Simogas, and author of the only German book on plancha there currently is on the market. As it is an information book rather than a recipe one, Mona is currently working together with professional chef Chris Sandford on their book "A la Plancha - in Donegal" introducing both plancha barbecue and the stunning scenery of beautiful Donegal to their audience.

Mona, Chris, and their staff regularly host plancha courses and exhibit at fairs. Please do get in touch if you are interested!

About us

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